We are offering coaching for personal development and enhancing positive resources.

We have also developed an Integrative Stress Management (ISM) programme, which takes place in groups. Integrative Stress management integrates practice of mindfulness with Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Therapy and concepts from Integrative Psychotherapy.

from 14.8. to 20.8.2013

The Centre for Development and research of mindfulness invites you to the "Advanced training for mindfulness teachers (Level 1)". Advanced training is a part of training for teachers of mindfulness-based approaches. Training consists of two main parts: the introductory part, and advanced training for mindfulness teachers.

The introductory part consists of:

a) Introductory workshop in mindfulness (12h)
b) 8-week mindfulness-based program


The program is designed for professionals who wish to integrate elements of mindfulness into their work, or lead mindfulness-based programs. It is open to professionals working in the field of health, social care, education or similar fields of expertise. The training will be an intensive seven-day residential workshop.

Who is the training for?
This training is intended for professionals who have:
- Completed introductory part of training
- Have a regular practice of mindfulness meditation (minimum of 6 months after completion of 8-week mindfulness program)
- Reading: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression (Segal, Williams and Teasdale) and Full Catastrophe Living (Jon Kabat-Zinn); recommended reading: Wherever you go, there you are (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Training will be focused on the learning process and getting to know the curriculum of the 8-week mindfulness-based program. Learning takes place through involvement in the process as a participant and an observer on teaching mindfulness-based program. Participants will practice mindfulness exercises in small groups and will get feedback from other participants as well as from teachers. The program also includes intensive mindfulness practice (formal and informal).

The aims are:
- understanding of mindfulness as an approach that is based on continuous personal training (both formal and informal),
- gaining experience in leading the mindfulness practices, including:
o teaching and learning from your own direct experience
o confidence in the ongoing process
o expression of the teachers mindfulness during the process
- gaining knowledge about contents and running an 8-week program
- in-depth personal experience of mindfulness
- understand the applications of mindfulness in a variety of clinical disorders
- basic understanding of ethical issues at work, including ways to care for yourselves.


Eluned Gold, MSc., CTA, PTSTA, RMN, PGCE
Eluned is the leader of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training. She works as a professor and supervisor on mindfulness-based approaches in the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University (UK) (www.Bangor.ac.uk/Mindfulness). She has been working at the center since its foundation 10 years ago and is a professor in the Master study. Eluned is a psychotherapist with over 30 years working experience in various areas of mental health. She has worked both with adults and children, her filed of interest is particularly work with children and their families.

Melita Kosak is a graduate psychologist. She was trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at the Bangor University, UK. She is the head of Center for development and research of mindfulness at the Institute for integrative psychotherapy and counseling (institute IPSA). Since 2007 she runs the mindfulness-based programs at the Institute: Training for integrative stress management and Program for prevention of depression. Melita is a co-author of the article "Mindfulness based Transactional Analysis." She is working with clients as a psychotherapist in training and is a project manager at the Institute IPSA. In her work she integrates transactional analysis and mindfulness-based approaches.

Training will be in English.

WHEN: Training will begin on Thursday, 14.8. at 16:00 am and will end on Wednesday, 20.8.2013. Estimated ending is at 13:00.

LOCATION: Training will be held at the Spa Dobrna at the Park Hotel.

PRICE: The cost of training is 552 € (hotel accommodation not included). Registration fee of 150 € is paid at registration and will not be returned. The rest of the fee should be paid by 20th of June 2013. Transfer Information: IPSA Institute, Zg. Gameljne 55a, 1211 Ljubljana, Šmartno. No. Tr. Account: 02032-0254270905). Number of places is limited.

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