The Picture Test of Separation and Individuation- PTSI (Zvelc and Zvelc, 2000) is a new instrument for measuring adult relatedness.

Basic informations about PTSI

The Picture Test of Separation and Individuation measures separation from parents and attachment to person outside of the family. It's based on the theory of separation-individuation and attachment.The test consists of three subtests: Relationship with Mother, Relationship with Father and Attachment. Each subtest shows graphic drawings which represent the person and his/her significant other. The pictures describe different forms of relatedness(symbiotic, alienated, reciprocal...).The respondent chooses the picture, which best describes his relationhip with that person.
After that he also writes:
- Is he satisfied with that relation?
- What relation would he like to have?
- What relation the respondent thinks the other person would like to have with him.

After completing all three subtests, respondents are also invited to write what do they think the pictures represent.
While the first part of the test measures more nonverbal experience with significant others, the second part invites them to verbalize their experience. The second part describtions can also be used as a projective measure.

Some other characteristics

The test offers quick but complex insight into individual's relations with others. It can be completed from 5-10 min.

Basic references

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    Zvelc, G. (1998). Proces separacije-individualizacije ter objektni odnosi pri osebah, ki so odvisne od drog. [The separation-individuation process and object relations among drug addicts]. Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Oddelek za psihologijo.
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    Invitation for using the PTSI in a research

    PTSI is a new test used in different countries for reseacrh purposes.
    If you're interested to use the test in your country,
    please write to us for permission (gregor.zvelc@guest.arnes.si). PTSI is translated in English, Spanish and Croatian language.The use of the test in research is free, but we must cover some costs for printing colour materials.
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