We are offering treatment of psychological trauma and education for professionals interested in working with psychological trauma.

We have also developed an Integrative stress reduction programme, which integrated the practice of mindfulness with TA and concepts of integrative psychotherapy.

Invitation to workshop:

  • When: Friday, 22.3.2013 till Sunday, 24.3.2013
  • Dr. Roger Solomon (USA)

About workshop:

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a terapevtic method. It is beeing used with people who are experiencing emotional problems which originate from some kind of traumatic experience (such as traumatic experience in childhood, adulthood, natural disasters, violence, wars...). EMDR is also successful in treating different mental disorders, anxiety disorders (fobia, panic disorder), personality disorder, addictions and many others. It is possible to use EMDR in achieving better busines resoults and to improve sports and artistic skills. It is a complex method of psychotherapy which integrates many of the successful elements of a range of therapeutic approaches as psychoanalitic therapy, behavioral-cognitive therapy, gestalt therapy, klient centered therapy and others.

EMDR is a method that utilizes the body's natural healing ability and allows the brain to heal psychological problems at the same rate as the rest of the body heals physical ailments. The effectivnes of this method is supposed to be in direct influence on brain nevrofiziologic mechanisms.


In the past few years many klinical and nevrobiological research have shown the validity and effectiveness of this psychotherapevtic approach. APA (American Psychiatric Association) in NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) recommend EMDR as an efficient method for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

EMDR can be integrated into different psychotherapevtic approaches. There is already 80 000 EMDR psychotherapists in the world (data from year 2005) from different major psychotherapevtic directions. At the momen there is a number of different EMDR psychotherapist associations (14 in Europe). More information about EMDR: EMDR Institute, Inc.

Certificat by EMDR institute

At the end of the training the paticipans get a certificat by 'EMDR Institute, Inc.' From USA. This institute was established by Francine Shapiro and it is the leading organization in educating EMDR psychotherapist all over the world.
This is an international y recognized certificat that enables the use of EMDR approach within the klinical work, psychotherapevtic work and research. In case of a big interest for EMDR training there will be organized further levels of training.
The training combines theory and practice.

Who can attend the EMDR – level 1?

The EMDR training is for psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, specialists of clinical psychology and counseling and psychiatrists. Psychotherapists in training can attend the EMDR training only with a written confirmation from their supervisor or mentor which says that they are working with klients under supervision.

About the lecturer:

Dr Roger M. Solomon is a psychologist and psychotherapist. Since 1994 he worked as an international trainer at the EMDR Institute. Dr Solomon is well known in the United States as an expert on police work, stress, and grief as well as on issues related to post-shooting trauma. He is workin as a psychologist at the South Carolina Department of Public Safety and for several years he is a director of “Critical Incident Recovery Resources”. He is also an adviser for many national and international associations and organizations as NASA, US Senate, Travma center in Bostonu and many others.
Aside of dr. Solomon on the training will be present a facilitator, a member of European EMDR association that will take after the practical part of EMDR method.

Workshop admission fee:
516 EUR - tax included (the fee if the payment is carried out till 20.2.2013). After that date the fee is 576 EUR – tax included.
(payable on account of Institute IPSA. Bank: NLB, d.d., Ljubljana. IBAN: SI 56 02032-0254270905; SWIFT: LJBASI2X )

When and where?
At the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling, Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (4. flor). Training will start on Friday, 22.3.2013 at 9.00 and will end on Sunday, 24.3.2013, in the late afternoon.

Applications and informations:
Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy
and Counselling, Ljubljana
Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
tel: 386 (0)41 903 974; fax: 386 (0)1 511 10 29
e-mail: info@institut-ipsa.si
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