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Introductory course in Transactional Analysis (TA-101)

Certificate TA-101

TA-101 course is official introductory course of transactional analysis and is recognised by European Association for Transactional Analysis and International Transactional Analysis Association. We are offering this course internationally also in English or Croatian/Serbian language in different countries upon request.

The course is prerequisite for professional training in Transactional Analytic PSychotherapy leading to Certificate of Transactional Analysis.

Content of the course:

  • What is TA? Basic definitions and philosophy.
  • Ego states
  • Analysis of Transactions
  • Strokes
  • Life Script
  • Authentic and Racket feelings
  • Psychological Games


  • Gregor Žvelc, TA-101 instructor, CTA, Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst>

    Where and when?

    Curently no dates are available.

    The course will take place in Slovenian language at Institute IPSA, Ljubljana.
    Courses in other locations internationally are available upon request (mail: info@institut-ipsa.si)

    See also: What is TA? / Training Faculty
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